High-Flying Trainees

  • Support to Employment Program (PAE)
  • Project created by the government of Bolivia and supported by the IDB
  • Job training program, with on-the-job internships
  • PAE offers on-the-job training in private or public companies during 3 months to youth over 18 years old. The program aims reaching 20.000 youth and over 70.000 job seekers.
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A door to employment

  • Innovations by the National Employment Service (SENAE) of Domenican Republic
  • Project developed by the SENAE and supported by IDB's Red SEALC
  • Job Intermediation Service
  • In addition to job placement activities, the SENAE uses job fairs to help filling job vacancies.
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Strengthening the human capital in Riviera Maya

  • Training Program for the hotel sector in Riviera Maya (México)
  • Project developed by the Hotels Association of Riviera Maya, the Secretariat of Public Education, the National Employment Service and IDB-FOMIN
  • Training, Internships, training and job intermediation Program
  • One of the successful factors of this project is the joint work between training institutions, the public sector and the needs of the bussiness.
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