Audios of the event in the Bahamas

Opening session

  • Astrid Wynter, IDB Representative in The Bahamas.
    Edison Sumner, CEO, Bahamas Chamber of Commerce.
    Carmen Pagés, Chief of Labor Markets and Social Security Unit, IDB.
    Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.
  • Nassau
  • July 16 2015

Panel 1: Productivity, competitiveness and economic growth in The Bahamas: skills development at the center of the National Development Plan

  • Dr. Hyewon Ko, Senior Research Fellow KRIVET.
    Laura Ripani, Lead Specialist Labor Markets and Social Security, IADB.
    Dr. Nicola Virgill Rolle, Director of Economic Development and Planning, Office of the Prime Minister .
    Mr. Edison Sumner, CEO, Bahamas Chamber of Commerce.
  • Nassau
  • July 16 2015

Panel 2: Bringing Social Partners Together Towards the Creation of Skills Strategies

  • Juan Maddock, Strategic Development Manager for E-Oz Energy Skills Australia .
    Mr. Tayo Fashoyin, Professor of International and Comparative Labour at Cornell 2nd Vice President National Congress of Trade Unions in The Bahamas.
    Anthony Hamilton, President, Civil Society Bahamas University.
    Mr. Robert Farquharson, Chairman of the National Tripartite Council and Director of Labour, Ministry of Labour and National Insurance.
    Ms. Nelerene Harding,
  • Nassau
  • July 16 2015

Panel 3: How can the education and training system be made more relevant to the productive sector’s needs?

  • Soobong Uh, Professor, Dean of graduate school of HRD, Korea University of Technology and Education (KoreaTech).
    Markus Mullner, Educational Researcher, Developer, IBW Austria
    Dionisio D’Aguilar, President/CEO, Superwash Ltd.
    Dr. Iva Dahl, Manager of the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute
  • Nassau
  • July 16 2015

Panel 4: PPPs to improve employment opportunities for the youth

  • Geoff Fieldsend, Beverly Saunders, Bahamas Hotel & Tourism Association
    Freda Mullings, Director of Personnel, Cable Bahamas
    Tavarri Smith, Youth Activist, Chairman, The Bahamas National Youth Policy Consultative Team
    Darron Turnquest, Director of Youth, Ministry of Youth Sports, and Culture
    Peter Twichell, Senior Director for Global Program Development, Youth Build
  • Nassau
  • July 16 2015

Closing sessions and seminar’s conclusion

  • Nicole Campbell, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Labour and National Insurance
  • Nassau
  • July 16 2015

Workshop - Introduction

  • Opening remarks by Carmen Pages. Introduction to the workshop by Monika Aring
  • Nassau
  • July 17 2015

Workshop part 1: Towards a National Development Plan: Clearing out the Path

Workshop part 2: Looking into the future: definition of key results areas

Workshop: conclusions

  • Recommendations from the international experts
  • Nassau
  • July 17 2015

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